I am all for supporting outside our community. Opening our minds and hearts to other forms of creativity. The thing I don’t understand is, what happened to the love and support for the dancers/artists/singers in our own community?

I see more support for others who are not local (again, that’s a great thing) but what about those who are right in our own backyards. Doing work, working hard and pursuing their own steps to their dreams.

All they need is a pat on the back, some acknowledgement that we see them doing work and support them 100 percent. The whole, “we support our own” is just a phrase to me. Don’t get me wrong, I see a number of people supporting others in our own community but it doesn’t level out to the amount of support we give anyone outside. I see we give more attention to anyone but our local artists. We look over their accomplishments unless it has logos we recognize, or stand by. What’s with the difference? They are artists, they create art, they are painting portraits and we see that.. why not encourage more. The more positivity spread the stronger our community can stand.

We all have an origin, and thats where we start and grow. We need the water, the support and food for the mind and hearts to keep going. Why not do that for our own?

—All I ask, is if you see work being done, a simple “Good job” or a “LIKE” on FB is something we can do. Trust me, if you open your eyes to the creative people we have here, you can be more proud of your community. Everyone here and outside are artists, there shouldn’t be a line to divide that. We share the eye of art, we create it and we must keep it alive. 

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