Staying positive.

Next year, I’m getting there. This summer, I’m starting.

God has continued to help me and I know He will see me through. Thank you Lord for all He has already given me.

Baby girl Kringle gave birth the other day.. If you’re interested in getting these cuties, hit me up :)

Hey Tumblr,

I keep going in and out from blogging. Ill do a better job. Promise :)

Oh how I wish you knew..

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Three out of the six places here that I’ve visited.
I’m planning on checking off this list this year! =)

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The most simplest things around me remind me of you.

I like it.

I’m super blessed. 

Thank God for everything I have.

Phifteen Crew

Kendrick Santiago | Wilshire Acedera | John Cheng

video by Jeff Justiniano

follow them @ _15crew_


They’re awesome. 


proud of my little bro.

Chris Munar’s new video out.


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